The meaning of the word:


In Russian Sputnik means companion, fellow traveller, the one on the same path.

The Sputnik school was founded to provide an alternative gateway into the fastest growing industry in the UK - the Tech industry.


Fast innovation cycles make it virtually impossible for traditional education to keep up and created a severe disconnection between education and hiring company's needs. Short bootcamp courses produce graduates that don't have the necessary depth of knowledge and experience.

Through Project Based Learning (PBL) Sputnik provides a new way to learn the desired skills-sets by working on real industry projects. This training is designed by industry experts and it is aligned with the latest trends and employers needs.

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OUR Mentors & coaches:

Ruth Vakrat

CEO & Mentor

I am the founder & CEO of Sputnik and a UX consultant with over ten years of experience crafting UX for companies like Microsoft, Barclays, Jaguar & Land Rover, UK Government, ARM and more.


For the last three years, I worked on refining and adjusting the PBL method for the UK Tech Education market and worked alongside my team to prove the effectiveness and the benefits of this method in training teams and individuals.

Ben Gutkovich


Strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company and PwC M&A advisory focused on the Technology sector.


I am passionate about delivering business value and impact through a product-driven growth strategy to organisations ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals. Start-up mentor and serial entrepreneur.

Adam Burzon


UX Consultant and Mentor I worked for Apple, Virgin Media, BP, John Lewis, Crown Commercial and British Gas, where I am working to redefine the design system for the entire company.


With a background in code, before moving to UX/UI I have built functional UI, Sketch plugins and other JavaScript UI tools. 

I am passionate about innovative, usable and beautiful UI, systems design, foundational guides and principles for mega systems.


Ben Luby


UX Consultant and Mentor I worked for Jaguar Land Rover, Xerox, Greater London Authority and Cambridge Assessment.


Experienced at conversational AI, mobile, and with a passion for inclusive and accessible design, content design and user-research (especially user interviews) I really enjoy heuristic evaluation and have 7 years of experience as a Creative Trainer with Apple.

Product and Service Innovation consultant. I help companies and their design teams focus on new product and service initiatives through an experience design lens.


Team leadership and management, design strategy, product strategy, service design, User Experience, user research and interaction design.

Jason MesuT


Kristina Csanaky


Voice UX and Conversational Designer with a passion for delivering meaningful experiences and making a positive contribution to people’s lives through technology.


I designed voice apps audio experiences in the physical and mental health space, including a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game.

OUR Advisors:

Douglas Bell


Founder & President of the Innovators Network - London's leading private network for visionary entrepreneurs the founder of Penrose Awards - identifying the top 50 emerging UK innovations. Innovation advisor speaker and mentor.

Lord Nat wei


Nat Wei is an English social entrepreneur with an interest in social reform. He is a member of the House of Lords, sitting as a Conservative. Previously an adviser to the UK Government on their Big Society project. Also the founding and former partner of the

Shaftesbury Partnership and a member of the founding team of Teach First.

Cassandra lewis


Technical Product Leader and a passionate technologist with a successful track record in launching global software initiatives for Amazon, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and LivingSocial directing vision, development, strategic initiatives, and coordination of engaging customer experiences across large-scale international commercial and e-commerce projects.

Why Project based learning?

As a child and young adult, I was a magnificent failure at school.  I was great at coming up with unorthodox solutions to problems, and I was good with people, unfortunately, in school, those usually get you in trouble. This was a disappointment to my strict Russian parents and my teachers and I started believing that the only things I could do well are drawing cartoons and reading fantasy books. So I went to study animation for computer games.

And then the world of Work started, and guess what? I discovered that the world of Work has nothing in common with the world of School (or college),

guess how many employers pay you to sit passively and memorise information? You know it - NONE. This was a great discovery. Suddenly the skills that got me in trouble in school became my greatest assets, and I started growing into my skin, into my potential.

So, why does education preparing us for work by developing skills that have nothing to do with the world of work?

What disconnection!


Sputnik was created to solve this disconnection through project-based-learning (PBL) method. Here students are coached and mentored while working on exciting projects. They develop the skill-sets that the best teams are looking for.


A body of research shows that this is the best way to learn. The method of learning-by-doing has been used for decades by Elite schools such as Harvard and Oxford to train medical doctors, business leaders, engineers and architects. This method celebrates the same values that good Work does - creative problem solving, curiosity, collaboration, true mastery and hands-on experience. 


Sputnik is a new gateway to the Tech world. Contact us to find out how we can help you to grow into your potential.


Ruth Vakrat

Founder, CEO