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We are working on developing a series of new advanced UX courses with new industry partners.

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Pioneering TECH


Join us at the most innovative digital skills school in London. Discover why inventive London startups have chosen to entrust us with the most interesting projects so our students can gain the skills and become top UX Designers & Software Engineers, and find a job they love.


At Sputnik you will learn and work with employers on real-world projects, to offer you a far better chance of success. This experience is an accelerated education, designed by industry experts.


All our training programmes are delivered from our London campus on location. We guarantee employment to our 'UX Master' graduates.

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Sputnik's unique courses are based on the Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology. Similar methods are used in Elite Universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford to train medical doctors, business leaders, and engineers.


We are working in small teams to keep the quality high and the experience personalised to you.



Students memorise the material

Problem assigned to illustrate how to use the knowledge

Traditional Learning approach:

Project Based Learning:

Project assigned

Students identify what they need to know

WE Deliver the project through supported





We deliver the exact skills employers are looking for

On graduation, you are fully prepared to work as a part of a development team armed with the most relevant industry knowledge and both hard and soft-skills that tech employers value the most. 

real industry experience on graduation 

You will graduate with a portfolio of real industry work and experience solving different work problems  - this experience is invaluable and highly regarded in the tech industry.


our training is more effective and FUN

Research shows that learning by doing is not only more efficient but it is also less stressful and more enjoyable and fun for the students and trainers! 


Technology education needs to synchronise with the industry and wake up to the modern world. Sputnik's innovative approach promises to deliver a far superior learning experience and job prospects, through hands-on technical projects, led by industry experts. This is great news for tech businesses seeking out new talent.

Douglas Bell,

Founder & President of London Innovators and Penrose Awards

Sputnik's 'UX Master' graduates will be matched with companies from the TechStars network. 

An opportunity that opens the doors to working for the most innovative startups in the UK.

TechStars is a startup accelerator that had accepted over 1,000 companies into its programs with a combined market capitalisation of £ 7.56B.