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the UX profession is expected to grow from the current about 1 million people to about 100 million people by 2050. A growth factor of 100.

- Nielsen Norman Group

UX Coach is a unique UX learning experience preparing next-generation UX Designers for the industry.

The skills we teach are embedded and refined through work on real industry projects in small groups that are lead by seasoned UX professionals and Performance Coaches.

It's a uniquely effective way to build a killer skill-set, professional confidence, and real industry experience that all employers are looking for.

Outside of your comfort zone


(Where true learning happens.

You will be working on real UX projects from day one )

in-depth and in-length


(We don't cut corners. If it's not good enough for industry employers it's not good enough for us)

flexible & fairly priced


(We redesigned the learning experience and the business model)

"Over a decade of consulting and delivering UX projects across Microsoft, Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, and the UK Government I repeatedly found that existing training never prepared for the real job at hand. With 'UX Coach', we've created an unrivalled, real-life UX learning experience."

- UX Coach Founder, Ruth Vakrat


The tech sector in the UK is growing 3x faster than any other sector and last year £6.3bn of tech investment was poured into scale-up firms (firms that are growing and hiring). With such rapid growth, comes a high demand for skilled tech workers with UX professionals at the forefront. 

The demand currently far surpasses the supply of individuals in this career. As a result, UX salaries have increased exponentially as companies compete with each other to attract professionals with adequate experience and skills.

But 'more' UX Designers is not Enough 

we need 'better' & 'different'

Team players

We need professionals who know how to work in a team - similar to NBA players. You won't win the game if you are not working with your team.

Rapid innovation

Tech industry changes incredibly fast (approx every 18 months). Programs that are detached from the industry and were not designed for quick updates (like University curriculum) are not able to train talent to industry standards. 


Diversity is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today. We need teams that are diverse in gender, race and age.

Our mission is to train high-performing UX'ers to power-up the best of tech-teams and build the products of the future.


"With a Bootcamp experience but out of the industry, I needed to strengthen my skills and Sputnik proved to be the perfect solution. 


I found the biggest difference between Sputnik and most courses out there is their approach, as Sputnik are heavily industry focused. 

They gave me a fantastic opportunity to work on live projects from the outset, researching and designing for a start-up company and working with a real development team creating a B2B product from the ground up. The solution was researched for viability then tested as it evolved; 


I learned quickly and was supported at every stage of the way. Sputnik gave me the opportunity to make friends, add a great client to my portfolio and walk into interviews with confidence. Thanks Sputnik!"


Jon Dawson MA,

UX Designer, Lloyds Banking

"Technology education needs to synchronise with the industry and wake up to the modern world. UX Coach's innovative approach promises to deliver a far superior learning experience and job prospects, through hands-on technical projects, led by industry experts. This is great news for tech businesses seeking out new talent."

- Douglas Bell, Founder & President of London Innovators and Penrose Awards

UX Coach graduates will be introduced to employers from the TechStars network. They will be presented with an opportunity to work for the most innovative startups in the UK.

TechStars is a startup accelerator that had accepted over 1,000 companies into its programs.

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