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Project-based UX Coaching

We are here to help you make huge leaps in your UX career through a combination of an exciting (and highly effective) PBL method (project based learning).

Our programme designed to help you master the most sophisticated UX skills and to build your professional confidence - a necessity if you want to win the best jobs.​

How sputnik's programmes work:

1. your goals

We will look into your current experience levels and establish you learning goals based on what your want to achieve.

2. appropriate project

We align projects from real companies and startups and coach you through the preparation and the delivery

3. outcomes

You gain hands-on work experience, an in-depth understanding of advanced UX techniques and industry connections.

Part-time UX COACH 

If you completed a UX course or you are working in UX but want to expand your skillset and gain hands-on experience this programme is for you.

Is this programme for me?

  1. Do you miss out on the hottest UX roles because employers are looking for specific levels of experience?

  2. You want to learn how to make research-driven, strategic product decisions and to be able to work with the senior team and the product?

If the answer to any of the questions above is 'Yes', then this programme is for you.

Key benefits for you

  1. Hands-on, real, work experience in research, testing and UX/Product Strategy.

  2. Personal coaching to build your professional confidence.

  3. Break into work with startups or specific sectors (e.g. fin tech, ed tech, retail).

delivery method

Face to face and group sessions in our London premises in Aldgate or on project location as necessary.

Duration & Cost

Rolling: On a monthly basis

Two evenings a week /

Or an evening and Saturday

Delivery: On campus 

Address: Aldgate, London

Cost: £275 per-month for individuals

          £450 per-month for companies


For teams

If you have a team of talented Visual or UI/UX and you want them to have research and product strategy skills. This programme is for you.

Can this programme work for me?

  1. High-end UX research for feature validation and strategic planning are expensive skills and they are hard to find for a short contract.

  2. The contract will complete the research and leave. You made the product adjustments and now you need to test again. And again...

What if your designers were trained in these skills using YOUR projects?

Key benefits for your company

  1. Projects completed.​

  2. Your team has new skills that they can apply again and again.

  3. For a price that is similar to hiring one top UX researcher to do the same work and leave!

delivery method

On your premises and on research location as necessary.

Duration & Cost

Rolling: As long as required

Flexible schedule that is matched to company's needs

Delivery: In your office

Cost: Cost per-hour

What our students say:

As a designer who’s generally leaned towards UI and visual design, Sputnik’s tuition for specific areas of UX design and research has been invaluable. My basic understanding of UX has massively improved — I now feel confident organising testing sessions and interviews, along with the best way of collating and analysing this research. This has fed into my rapid prototyping and iteration process brilliantly. I’ve also made huge improvements with mapping user-flows, and translating these into understandable documents. Skills that I was able to apply immediately in my work and that had a great effect on our product.

- Jack Smith,

Designer, London

contact us

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don't have ANY ux experience?

Check out our UX Master programme designed to take you from zero to mastery​.

For this programme, we have a fantastic package with assisted living in central London and a payment plan that will make it easy for you to start!

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