UX Research & Design

Company: Nuvven


Sputnik's Team:

1 Senior UX,

3 Junior UX

Duration: 4 months

(delivered within Sputnik's part-time framework)

Nuvven is an AI driven car rental platform that fully digitises car hire operators.

Our paths with Nuvven crossed when they were looking for a UX resource. In order to stand out from other industry incumbents with a strong USP, Nuvven's platform had to have a great user experience.

This was not a simple task since car rentals are complex businesses comprised of fleet management, repair workshops, accountancy, booking systems and customer management.  And we had to produce a design that works for every user in the business and is easy and intuitive to use.

our contributions

  • User-Centred Strategy

  • User Research 

  • Information Architecture

  • UX Design

  • Interaction and UI Design

  • Interactive Prototyping (Axure)

  • User Testing

  • Working with the wider team to grow the understanding of user needs

Learning the business


We started with planning and executing a UX research. Before we could push a single pixel we had to learn:

  • How the business operates,

  • What the different user-types are

  • Their journeys and requirements

  • How the size of the business affects its operations

  • What key features are required to run both mid-size and small-size rental?


These questions formed the base of our research and we started collecting the information by running site visits and interviews.


example of a research deliverable

UX tool that can be extremely helpful on a project like this is the 'Task inventory', an inventory that holds all critical user tasks.

  • What users do - in order of frequency and criticality,

  • Task blockers, 

  • Access and permissions,

  • Notifications,

  • Integrations with other systems (if relevant),

and other useful, task-related information.

This deliverable is not only helpful to better understand the user but to prioritise features for development and assess a real scope of building a feature.


*To protect Nuvvens information we had to make some content illegible. But we are happy to answer any questions about this and other tools we used.





After we reviewed the research findings we were ready to start with the design.

First we focused on creating an information architecture where user journeys are as simple as possible. However, we had to plan for significant flexibility because some journeys would differ depending on the business size. It was delightful to engage in conversations with Nuvven's team, explaining the pros and cons and integrating our perspectives.



First - Low fidelity

Prototypes & testing

We did 2 iterations of wireframes, adding more design details every time. First, we designed a low fidelity prototype that we used to discuss different structures with the team and used for user-testing.

The benefit of these ugly, monochromatic prototypes is that they are extremely fast to update with every feedback session. Through a technique called 'Rapid-Prototyping' we were able to work really fast - design >> test >> update >> test.


This is a brilliant way to mature the design in a fast way by using little resources.



High fidelity Prototypes & build

Next, we designed a higher fidelity prototype for the core journeys in the final version whereby visual branding and design was added by Nuvven's visual designer.



  • Completed research to understand a complex user domain

  • Analysed and transformed findings into artefacts that drive product strategy and development

  • Built interactive prototype

  • Fully documented for development.

  • Designed two UI roll-outs for branding ideation.

Project duration: 4 months

*Achieved within Sputnik's part-time framework 


"It has been delightful to work with the Sputnik team and students over 2019. 


The training team was extremely knowledgeable in the subject area of UX and the Sputnik model worked very well for Nuvven where we worked on a project combining our in-house development team with the UX delivery by Sputnik students. Sputnik’s students were able to deliver the MVP prototype for us in a very short span of time.

Nuvven was interested in hiring a number of Sputnik’s graduate students and have them join the permanent team since we already knew their characters and professional capabilities and could tell who will be a good match to Nuvven's culture. 


We are looking forward to working with Sputnik again in 2020 for our next projects and hoping to expand our team with Sputnik graduates."


-Biswajit Kundu Roy,

Founder and CEO, Nuvven

Nuvven Project

Sputnik Ltd