UX & Roadmap & Upskilling the Team

Company: QDOOZ

Sputnik's team on the project: 1 Senior UX

QDOOZ is as a platform for Self Development, focused on Soft Skills (e.g. active listening, feedback, leading change, networking, saying NO) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Our journey with QDOOZ began when they approached Sputnik to help with focus groups to test aspects of their product. After analysing the situation, we got a better understanding of Qdooz’s problem. This allowed us to suggest a number of UX activities that are more effective in finding out what they really needed, than focus groups.

Instead of just delivering a quick 'consultancy project' our added value was training the existing UI / Visual Design team in UX methods so the skillsets remained in the team when we finished.

our contributions

  • User-Centred Strategy

  • User Research

  • User Testing 

  • User Journeys

  • Content mapping

  • Updated Product roadmap

  • Updated Information Architecture

  • Upskilling existing team members

Understanding the client's



Initially, we had to understand what information Qdooz needed from their users and what is the best type of user-session we could design to help them in achieving their goal.

We also wanted to create a sustainable, long-term strategy and a pipeline for easy engagement with their users in the future.


DEDICATED sessions with

target users

Instead of a focus group - that would have provided high-level information with a risk of it being skewed by the loudest participant, we planned a series of carefully designed sessions with one or two users at the time.

During these sessions, we observed how users interacted with the product, where they were struggling, and picked up ideas for improvement. We captured the information using the 'Thinking out loud' technique.

The sessions were video-recorded and quickly edited to communicate the findings to the rest of the Team and the Management.



What we learned 

changed the product's roadmap

The insight that we gained was transformed into artefacts that drove decision making, design, and product development.

  • User Journeys - an in-depth understanding of how users use the product allowed us to update the Information Architecture.

  • Content Mapping - Discovering gaps in the User Experience allowed us to create a detailed content map for each stage.


  • UI Concepts - observing how users use the UI first hand, and where they were struggling, allowed the team to tweak the UI design and simplify interactions.

  • Visual & Branding - Detailed user feedback on how the screens made them feel allowed the team to adjust the branding and visual design.



Select life skills

Set Goals

View progress

Select Content


*To protect QDOOZ information we had to make some content illegible. But we are happy to answer any questions about this and other tools we used.


Team Learning

Every stage of the project was designed to have two outcomes:

  1. Deliver high-end UX

  2. Teach the team UX, our philosophy, and tools, so that by the time we had to leave, they were able to continue to deliver high-end UX independently.

At the start of the project, the Team was carefully guided through the process of using our training methods. By the end of the project, our trainer could take a step back and observe the team at work by correcting and guiding from the sidelines.


*Final visuals designed by QDOOZ Visual and Branding Team


  • Established User-Centred strategy 

  • Gathered qualitative user feedback

  • Analysed and transformed research data into artefacts to drive product strategy and development

  • Updated Information Architecture

  • Improved UI Design

  • Upskilled the team to plan and deliver UX Research

Project duration: 3 months

*Achieved within Sputnik's part-time framework 


The value of Sputnik’s contribution to our design process and roadmap has been immensely valuable.


From the very first session, it helped accelerate our learning of what works for our users by an order of magnitude - we've learned things in a handful of carefully designed one-to-one testing sessions that would have taken months through our own focus groups and Alpha testing process. 

Not only that, but Sputnik’s approach helped us create a user-centred process that is bespoke to our product while building out a team which means we now have this capability in house.

This has been gold dust for us, as it would be for any other mobile or digital platform.

- Tim Carrigan, Head of Technology, QDOOZ



"As a designer who’s generally leaned towards UI and visual design, Sputnik’s tuition for specific areas of UX design and research has been invaluable.


My basic understanding of UX has massively improved — I now feel confident organising testing sessions and interviews, along with the best way of collating and analysing this research. This has fed into my rapid prototyping and iteration process brilliantly.


I’ve also made huge improvements with mapping user-flows, and translating these into understandable documents.


Skills that I was able to apply immediately in my work and that had a great effect on our product."

- Jack Smith,

QDOOZ Designer, London

QDOOZ Project

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