From zero to mastery


Mastering UX through Project-based learning

This programme is designed to build you up from zero into a robust and sophisticated UX Practitioner. The programme includes:


  • Understanding of Agile working methods, Tech teams structure, and product development lifecycle

  • UX Research

  • User testing

  • Interactive Prototyping (Axure)

  • UI Design

  • Content Strategy

  • Monetisation, value proposition and UX Strategy

  • Service Design

How sputnik workS:

1. Industry needs

Through close work with partner companies, we identify the latest industry needs and create a programme based on this knowledge.

2. appropriate projects

We align projects from real companies and startups and coach you through the foundations, preparation stages and the delivery.

3. outcomes

You gain hands-on work experience, an in-depth understanding of advanced UX techniques and industry connections.

Programme overview

Our 1-year programme comprised of immersive project work through which you will learn UX from the ground up beginning with basic concepts through to the most sophisticated methods under the guidance of a professional UX coach.


Our programme designed not only to build your technical knowledge of UX but also a deep understanding of the industry and the delivery environment. And creating your portfolio of real industry work.

The programme consists of:

  1. A series of carefully selected real projects (from our partner companies) in areas you need to build your experience.

  2. UX practitioners that will guide and support you through the project work (following the PBL method).

  3. Work with actual end-users and clients.

The goal of our programme is to maximise your potential and to develop both your personal and professional skills.


UX is a versatile profession that can suit multiple personality types. Real project work combined with mentoring will help us identify your personal, strengths and areas of opportunity within the UX field.


Together we will develop your toolkit and your style of working within a tech team and with clients and provide all the guidance you need to ensure you become the best UX Practitioner you can be. 

Duration & Cost

Duration: One year

Three to four days a week to allow our students to work and fully support themselves with our 'Easy Student Life' plan.


Start Date: August 2019

Hours: 9.00 - 17.00


Delivery: On campus 

Address: Aldgate, London


Cost: £13,800

Deferred payment option available


Job guarantee: Yes, we provide job guarantee to our UX course graduates


£2,500 - £3,000


Per month, pay-as-you-go. 

If you feel that our program is not a good fit for your company, we will stop at the end of the month. No strings attached and hence no waste of time or resources if it doesn’t suit you.

What our clients say:

The value of Ruth's (the Head of UX at Sputnik) contribution to our design process and roadmap has been immensely valuable. From the very first session it helped accelerate our learning of what works for our users by an order of magnitude - we've learned things in a handful of carefully designed one-to-one testing sessions that would have taken months through our own focus groups and Alpha testing process.


Not only that, but Ruth's approach to focus on educating our team on how to create a user-centred process that is bespoke to our product means we now have this capability in house.

This has been gold dust for us, as it would be for any other mobile or digital platform.

- Tim Carrigan, Head of Technology, QDOOZ

QDOOZ aims to be the go-to platform for quality personal and professional development content. 

THE 'Easy Student life' Plan for our UX master course

At Sputnik our key mission is to make top-quality education accessible and easy so we partnered with Maker Life to deliver just that:

  • Easy payment: Small-payments throughout the course (with the main cost is paid when you are employed, through convenient payment plan).

  • Easy living: Central London co-living for as little as £75 a week.

  • Easy working: 3 to 4 days of training to allow part-time work to conveniently cover the cost of the above.

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your journey with sputniK


what to expect:

Sputnik graduates will be matched with companies from the TechStars network. 

An opportunity that opens the doors to working for the most innovative startups in the UK.

TechStars is a startup accelerator that had accepted over 1,000 companies into its programs with a combined market capitalisation of £ 7.56B.


ux syllabus

During the months of immersive project work you will learn:

1. industry Foundations

If you are new to technology, then you are stepping into a fascinating world. You will gain an understanding of the key concepts that are vital if you want to become a great User Experience practitioner.

Understand different technologies and platforms

Business strategy foundations


2. UX strategy

UX is all about driving an organisation to become competitive through great design. A successful UX strategy must adapt to the constantly shifting landscape. You need to know which UX tools to choose to succeed in your specific situation, under current and future conditions. 

UX Strategy

Creating UX work plans


3. Research

Have you ever wondered how a designers without medical, financial or legal training can design complex products that are used by doctors, bankers or lawyers? UX research is about understanding the nuances of your user's work, their mindsets and the environment in which the product will be used. 


Creating research plan 

Understanding and working with different research methods


4. Design

Good design is not just what looks good. It is also about performance, utility, additional value above the bare minimum; it's about fulfilling the purpose of the product in the best way. 


Design Thinking 

Interaction and Interface design

Understanding and working with design tools - Paper, Axure, InVision

example of projects aligned for the course:

  1. Research and design for a new social network that got the press excited around the globe.

  2. Research and design sophisticated UI for real-time news, data and analytics platform.

  3. Find innovative UX solutions for a new AI platform​.

  4. Research and develop end-to-end Service Design for an exciting travelling company that offers highly customised global experiences. 

  5. UX Strategy and research for a new traveling service based powered by AI. 

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